Are you ready to groove back to the 70s? A disco theme party is a fantastic way to relive the era of glitter balls, funky music, and vibrant fashion!

Whether you’re planning a birthday bash, a bachelorette party, or just a throwback celebration, a disco-themed event promises an unforgettable night of dancing and fun.

In case you want your vibe to be a bit more recent, you might also consider an 80s theme party.

Disco Party Decorations and Ambiance

Setting the right atmosphere is key for a disco theme party. Disco party decorations should be all about shimmer and shine.

Think mirror balls, glitter curtains, and neon lights. Use lava lamps and psychedelic posters to create that quintessential 70s vibe.

It’s all about creating an environment where guests feel like they’ve stepped into a time machine.

Hosting a Disco Themed Birthday or Bachelorette Party

A disco themed birthday party or disco themed bachelorette party is perfect for those who love to dance and enjoy retro vibes.

For a birthday party, consider a disco ball cake or cupcakes decorated with edible glitter.

For a bachelorette party, focus on glam elements like a sparkling photo booth and signature cocktails with 70s-inspired names.

The Disco Cowgirl Theme: A Unique Twist

For a unique twist, consider the disco cowgirl theme. It combines the glitz of disco with rustic, cowgirl elements.

Think cowboy hats with sequins and denim with glitter. A disco cowgirl bachelorette party can be a fun mix of line dancing and classic disco moves.

Disco Theme Party Supplies

Your disco theme party supplies should complement the overall aesthetics. Use metallic tablecloths, disco ball cups, and 70s-themed party favors.

Lighting plays a crucial role, so consider renting a disco light system to create that classic dance floor feel.

Costume Ideas for Your Disco Party

Encourage guests to dress up with costumes for disco theme party. Offer ideas like bell-bottoms, afro wigs, sequin dresses, and platform shoes.

You could even have a costume contest to motivate guests to bring their best 70s look.

Music and Dance: The Heart of a Disco Party

A disco party isn’t complete without the right music. Create a playlist of iconic 70s hits that includes classics from artists like the Bee Gees, ABBA, and Donna Summer.

Don’t forget to include some modern hits with a disco twist to keep the energy high. If possible, hire a DJ who specializes in 70s music to really enhance the experience.

Engaging Disco Themed Party Games

To keep the energy high at your disco 70s theme party, incorporate some exciting, era-appropriate games.

  • Organize a dance-off competition or a lip-sync battle with popular 70s songs.
  • Set up a DIY jewelry station where guests can create their own disco-inspired accessories.
  • Host a ’70s dance challenge, inviting guests to show off their best disco moves.
  • A ‘Name That Tune’ game with popular hits from the era can be a great way to reminisce and enjoy the music.
  • You might also consider setting up a ‘Disco Karaoke’ station where guests can sing along to classic disco tracks.

These interactive games not only provide entertainment but also perfectly complement the disco theme, ensuring a night filled with laughter and groovy fun.

Food and Drinks: Fueling the Disco Fever

For your disco party, offer a menu that reflects the 70s era. Think fondue stations, cocktail weenies, and deviled eggs.

For drinks, serve classics like tequila sunrises and piña coladas. You can even create a special cocktail menu with names inspired by popular 70s songs or icons.

Wrapping Up the Night

As your disco 70s theme party comes to an end, make sure to send guests home with memorable favors.

Disco ball keychains, retro sunglasses, or CDs with a custom 70s playlist can be a great way to thank your guests for boogieing the night away.


Planning a disco theme party is an exciting journey back to one of the most vibrant and lively eras in dance history.

With the right disco theme party decorations, music, and energy, you can create an electrifying atmosphere that will keep your guests dancing and enjoying themselves all night long.

So, dust off those platform shoes, turn up the music, and let’s get this disco party started!

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